Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Ya but love the PC frame rate and resolution. Wouldn’t you love to game on the couch not slumped over a desk? It could be balanced.  Other games do it. M and K would still have advantage being able to 360 turn around.

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Fully agree. Gonna pick up an xbox for division 2, hackers gonna hack might as well be comfortable on a couch! Rip 4k gaming pc Smiley Sad
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Either two things.


Off on both PC and Console for controllers, or option to have it on for both.  Fixed.  Everyone can stop crying and just move on.

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this is a horrible idea. if i could have aim assist on PC CoD i could easily use CronusMax+ or anything similar to tell my main PC playing the game i am using the controller so i can have the aim assist while in reality be using KB&M. this game has enough BS with 20Hz servers and lag compensation that randomly decides who it is benefiting, sometimes i even swear they play with your connection in order to balance your win loss ratio since the game doesnt really balance based on skill. what youre asking would be the final nail in the coffin. 

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