Patch that killed black ops

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


So this patch is the final nail in the coffin of a game iv'e given more chances to than any other because i really wanted it to work.

But No more TDM

Queues that have tripled or more in time

Server instabilities

Blackout being forced down our throats and then the servers always a capacity so you can't even queue for it

More and more focus on Micro transactions



Thanks for the few months of fun it was, but im out, most of it i could have handled, even dealing with the unpunished cheats, but no TDM?  screw that.



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I agree.  This is PURE SOCIALISM at it's best.  1) game creators are forcing Globalization and virtual "open borders" on us.  Battlenet location options have "Americas".  I am in the U.S., but I am forced to play with someone in Argentina where they have 190 ping and I have 24, but they had the advantage.  Socialism - being forced to share what you have with someone else.  The nail in the coffin IS definitely taking away our autonomy to choose what game type we want to play; another EXAMPLE OF Socialism.  Now I am forced to play Kill Confirm when I JUST want to play TDM.  I have NO idea what they were thinking, but I am assuming it is the mindset of complete CONTROL; socialism.  it is the ideology that has consumed the tech world and now they are transforming their geopolticial/political beliefs into how they create their games; complete control.  I am hoping another Medal of Honor is created.  If so, I will never buy another CoD again.  It is a shame because I have EVERY CoD game from the beginning to the present and an avid player.  Many of us are just fed up.  They still have not taken care of the cheaters.  It is terrible.  I am starting to think that the game creators are making the cheats and selling them.  No other explaination.    

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100% agree, totaly ruined the game and I for one have had enough of the dictatorship of these companies. To that point I am now removing Black Ops 4 from my system. Thank god for the 1st time I didn't buy the season pass.
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I'm perfectly fine with Moshpit playlists as long as they make sense and I agree there must be at least a 3rd option:


Moshpit 1: TDM and KC 

Moshpit 2: DOM, Hardpoint and Control 

Moshpit 3: SnD and FFA


The Cheating is pretty low especially if you play on the DLC Maps.

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its striaght trash!! I have been playing hardcore dom, sense day one of every playing call of dutys.. not i have to deal with playing search just because i want dom?? over 130$ spent on game + pass to be forced to play game types i hate, just to be able to play a  type i like, is complete trash..

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this game had a really good gameplay, good potential but ruined in any other way possible, BR mode that pretty much no one plays right now. Microtransactions in every possible ways possible. Dlc maps that you never play... Impossible to find games. I'm so upset right now...
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