Searching Forever (Expanding Search) Blackout

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Hi All,


ive been facing the issue since three days now, i live in dubai.


drop an answer if there any tip that can help out.

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Find a VPN that Battlenet doesn't block, select a different but close Region and expect high pings. That's all I can say to help, good luck.

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Same problem on europe servers for me, seems as if the game is dead, i can play 2 multiplayer modes and they have 4-8 players, only one lobby. Blackout sometimes works but its mostly searching forever, the game is broken. Can we get a refund??

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Any news??? Want to play the game but if it is not fixed can we ge a refund?

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Same here... Balance Updates, Nice Skins... BUT THE FU**** GAME NO WORK. NO FIND ROOMS....  And Devs say nothing...

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Same in Germany... Open Nat Type, good ping in all other games... Cant find lobbys, cant find duos, cant find quads, searching for duos, get put in a solo game, "Lost Connection to Host"... 


No news of the developers... Absolute Zero connection...

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i have same problem ! 


im from Poland 


cant find Blackout solo game ! Pls some1 help ! 

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at least you can run this stupid game wtf.jpg

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I'm in Canada using the America's servers and this last week same issue  Endless loop looking  This game is dead and I'm done  

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Same, Im in So.Ontario, even with open NAT type, ill get into one ortwo games fine then will be locked out for the rest of the night just searching and expanding search. Ridiculous. 

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