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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Canada player here as well.

Can't get into Blackout, and havent been able to for a while.

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Same here.  From Australia and really getting pissed!!!! I WANT A REFUND!!!!

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Would be nice if someone could address this ongoing issue......Why the lack of response?

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Same problem here.. 40 min and still no match. But I have some friends in friendlist playing one match after another..



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The same in Poland. 2 months without any help, official annoucement.
Have Open Nat, done port forwarding, reinstalled Windows,, Game, Drivers, Called internet support... 

Called Support by making ticket twice - 14 days now without respond, Called support on Facebook - nothing, Called support on Twitter - nothing.

Why they can't give us any information? Even Bethesda takes more care about theirs clients.

Guys, let's do something! Let's make something to put the spotlight on this big problem.

It's not game for 5$, it's not a small company and it's 2 months from release date and when the problem began... and We don't have any information. Many people have open tickets in support, open problems in forum.
It's shame that you can't even contact with online chat because they are propably always offline.

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Game is dead.
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They just do not give a flying f.... if you can play or not. Typical COD model of customer care. They already look forward to another COD release possibly ... BLACKOUT 2 


Good luck - Have fun!!! Im done with COD title and wont buy any future releases... .Since MW2 its just down the hill... Pathetic.

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same problem USA - ATT FIBER _ ASUS ROUTER - PC

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Same problem 45 mn wait for play en EU server and finaly one game on Africa server with 200++ ping and max 50 players and 15 mn wait fior the begin a game .....

Need payback  !!!

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I can't get a single blackout game... whole reason i bought the game

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