Searching Forever (Expanding Search) Blackout

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

This new update screwed with the match making. 

I log in and I play the Close Quarters Frenzy Blackout mode it gets me into the game no problem.  The game plays out blah blah blah  Now I try to join another game of Close Quarters and its searching forever.  I try all the modes.... Same Result..... Searching......Expanded Search..... back and forth. 


The last two weeks I've been emailing with someone from support about the connection interrupted B.S.  Which also makes no sense because the game worked pretty well a few months ago as I was not getting as many connection interrupted. Around the middle of January the Connecton Interrupted  started getting unbearable.  All of a sudden I had to change router settings and blah blah blah.  Now that I did all that and everything I can't even tell if it worked or not because I can barely get into a match. 


I'm at my last straw with this game.  I don't have any connection issues with any of the other games I've played in the same genre.  (PUBG, R6Seige, Insurgency Sandstom, etc).  Somebody needs to fix this game because its dying fast.

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I have had maybe a couple of times when I didn't find a match right away but I can usually get in to one fairly quickly, and have not really had any issues getting into a game.   With that said.  I have been saying since launch that I would like to see them incorporate some sort of player count indicator in the different modes to help us gauge if there is enough players in the mode we want to play to find a match.   They did this for BO3 so I wouldn't be suprised to see them add it at some point.

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I'm having the same issues starting yesterday 2/24/19.  Before then I was able to find games with ease and there was no expanded search whatsoever.  Now all of a sudden I cannot find a single match and it will eventually make the noise as if it's joining a game only to get an error message moments later saying "error, server not joinable" or "Error, the lobby is full."  Why this is I don't know but I've never had this issue until now with the new update, so can you please fix this issue fast and stop messing with the matchmaking system.  It was fine before.  

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Its still not joining matches tonight either... I give up.....There is no hope

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