Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

if its cheap routers how come i never get lag inconsistant accuracy on battlefield 3/4/5 crysis battlefront i never have a problem with origin or windows games best cod game world at war no lag and accuracy second to none

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But you indeed do have problems with any first person shooter game where milliseconds count. Just because you're noticing "it" now in CoD doesn't mean you're not experiencing bufferbloat, drop packets, etc on all your Multiplayer games. 


Most cheap or ISP Routers have no way to adjust QoS or server connections. 


Test your router, anything less than a A+ score you're going to have online Multiplayer issues

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the fact that you stated skill to skill, and also state that people are paying out the ass to have software make them better...that doesnt sound like cheating at all xD 

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The what? No what I said is equipment and setup makes a massive difference. Skill per skill, if you played against yourself with a potato vs a high-end PC with an Optimized Router then obviously the best set-up wins.


In fact here's a study just on GPU:

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All that graph proves is that people who have better GPUs have generally better KDs.


It does not prove that these players are better players as a result of owning a better GPU.


The chances are that people who are gaming enthusiasts are more eager to have better hardware that those who don't care as much, they will have put more hours into the game so obsiously they will be better at it. - They are more serious gamers at the end of the day.


On BO4 for example, i used to run it at 1600 x 900 screen resoultion before i got my new card. Back then i could still run it at 90 + FPS so i wasn't missing out on anything except the 1080p resolution.


Someone who didn't know any better would have slugged it out at 1080p but dropped under 60fps and would have seen the consecuences on online Multiplayer.


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If you don't think an improvement with equipment and or set up makes no difference then sorry you're a fool.


Most PC Pro players are running an RTX 2080 Ti on a 240 Hz G-Sync monitor and most using a netduma router or similar gaming Router.


The vast majority of good pub players 144, 165 or 240 Hz Synced monitors with a GTX 1080/1080 Ti or RTX 2080/2080 Ti.

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That graphs nothing but a sales pitch by Nvidia to fool people into spending top dollar on their high end cards. 

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I don't think it's BO4's netcode. I rarely experience this and like everyone else is saying, it is most likely due to the other players.

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