The mog is Broken. 16 kill games, 14 kill games.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Its the only option on computer. Im so tired of using it , getting used against it. 2 hit weapon easy  to aim. I feel like a scum after i get a kill with it.

But i won't pick up any other guns anymore after what just happened, i just try to give other guns a chance like the spitfire SMG , saug, swat but nothing works except the mog because everyone is mogging. FIX this. PRO PLAYERS like huskers agree with me.

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Mog with Barrel Choke and Dragon's Breath can get reliable 1 hit kills within range.

Slap Long Barrel and Rapid Fire on there and you [have] the best class in the game, providing you are willing to only use like 1 or two perks.


I *****ing hate it.

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