There are so many hackers in blackout that people are losing interest.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I am running into people running aimbots and wallhacks several times per night.  Not to mention the ones that hide it well that I cannot spot, but the blatent lock-onto-your-head through a hill or other obstruction kind.  1 aimbot can ruin a game for 99 other people, are these guys getting booted ever?

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YA I LOVE how some guys get nothing but headshots all the time even when your bouncing around like a ping pong ball at ridicules distance and behind bushes and such

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That video was making me really angry until he fell to his death. That guy should be allowed to cheat if he sucks that bad Smiley Wink 

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Only in Blackout? LOL

Also on console. There are a lot of people using scripts on xbox. It almost look like that is the new meta!


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Unistalled a few nights ago.  Not only hacking but HC is boring as ***** all they come out with is ***** for you to buy.  tfoh with this trash

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Yes I hate to admit it but I have two friends whom I play with that I think cheats.  Hear me out on of them has always played good I've known him for years I think he is just good.   This is where I wounded out of both of these friends they both average like 7 -12 kills a game. One of the guys though never used to be that good this kid all the sudden can quick scope w a Pali at hella far rage and is always taken my kills.  He was never that good before all the sudden he is unstoppable.  Yes no one gets that good over night.  So yeah thanks call of duty for yet allowing another great game to be garbage because of your allowence of cheating


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I wouldn't be surprised if it's CoD making the hacks and sell them for big money. 

Seems like that's all they care about.... Money

Cause they are definitely doing *****all about hackers. 

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It's not just blackout (I never play that mode) but mulitplayer too...


Every single lobby now, there's a least 1 hacker. Either using aimbot, like the guy I recorded below; or just wall hack/ESP.


I figured Activision would've improved their cheat prevent since they moved to battlenet. Obviously they couldn't give a F**K.


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