Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

When you have to get rid of the devoted TDM playlist, the playlist that is a mainstay for every past game in your franchise, and the most popular bar-none, thats when you know you have failed.   Your game has failed, you've failed to maintain it, you've failed to take care of your players, you've failed to be trustworthy.  Not even half a year and its clearly the biggest bust in COD History, perched on the prospect of multiplayer-exclusivity with almost no player base.  Despicable.  Advertising a content pass reliant on participants that are scarce in order to experience its benefits.  Casino looks like the map the game needed since launch, but with the lack of people actually PLAYING THIS GAME, i cant get a lobby filled for it, so cool i'll probably never play it.   I never thought i would be that guy who boycotts a publisher.  They never phased me, i didnt generalize their game catalogue toward my opinion of them.  But Activision you are officially the first.  I've gamed since I was 1 and you are the first.  I hope you're proud.

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Well seems like I'm not the only one then.... Just launched the game rn i can't find a single game. Domination and TDM (alone) are just gone. This is stupid. I still haven't played the first 2 maps ( madagascar and elevation ). I'm so upset about the game because there's a lot of potential but no they got rid of the campaign put blackout in... lots of microtransactions. I'm so dissapointed honestly... I don't know what more to say...

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