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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I really didn't think Activision would do this but they finally found a way to kill their entire PC community. They have removed Domination as a stand-alone gamemode and mixed it with all this other garbage. I don't want to play hard point, I don't want to play safeguard, I just want to play domination with my friends like I used to. Coming home and being able to just relax and play this was a good part of my day and a lot of peoples but Activision apparently doesn't care. They didn't even warn us, they just went hey we don't care about you guys so ***** you. 


And then I'm reading here on the forums that it's because of cheaters and youtubers which is true and bull ***** at the same time. Activision LOVES cheaters, it lets them ban them and let them have to buy a new game thats why they don't ip ban them which is a very easy thing to do by the way. And ***** YouTubers that whine about the game and other players in general that just whine because you think just because someone is better than you they are cheating. This is everyone who *****ing sucks at this game's fault because you couldn't just keep your mouth shut. 


P.S. THERES A *****ING EXIT GAME BUTTON YOU IMBECILES, if you can't keep up, LEAVE. And also don't expect your $500 piece of TRASH to run this game properly making you lag and suck at the *****ING GAME. SO ***** OFF and UNINSTALL!

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I feel you man I would 90% play domination. Now I need to play mosphit s***. And that's if I ever find a game it seems like there's 20 players on the game right now. They really killed the game on pc at least with all the bull***** and that BR mode...
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i play domination 100% of the time, taking that out killed the game for me....

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