What's happening with the game ?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


I'm gonna start by saying that I really enjoy the gameplay. It feels really good the game looks good. But now, Season pass has been a real let down, let me explain myself. Right now if you're lucky you can find a game on the mosphit mode for the 2 new maps. I didn't know they made this before so I still haven't played the first 2 dlc maps ( madagascar and Elevation). Still I live in Switzerland and it's really hard to find games around 5pm (17h). Never had those problems before. Even though I own the season pass I still need to grind that 100 tier pass if I want to play the new weapons. They should at least give us one more tier skip per day, or do something else. Now I can also be lucky and get the weapons variants from those weapons in the supply drops. Do i really want to put more money in a game where I already bought a season pass ? no at least nor for those weapons. From what I've heard supply drops are terrible, lots of dupplicate, need to get the same camo on each weapons, it's just stupid. Blackout for me at least was a terrible choice I'd have prefered a good campaign and then them focusing on base multiplayer. The content is "kinda" here, as I said the gameplay feels really good. But right now it's really hard to find any game and on pc we have those mode mosphit that I really don't want to play. I want TDM and Domination alone... Honestly this game had potential but I think it's dead for me right now... There's just nothing we can do they just want more money yet we can even play properly... this is a shame and I won't support it. Also good joke rn if you want 1 more tier skip you need to play zombie every day for like 1 to 2 hours depending on the daily quest ... it's dumb. I could get past the op weapons and killstreaks that are annoying but there's just too much. It's been good playing BO4 for a bit but WE need to show them that WE have the power. Without us they don't get anything. If you still enjoy the game in this state honestly I don't know what to say... I just want to add that Black ops series is the best in my heart by far but I just can't support it anymore. 

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