When will Activision announce dates for pc split screen to come out . I%E2%80%99m very disappointed

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Just bought black ops 4 for the zombies split screen thinking it would definitely be fun to experience new zombies with friends in person . This isn’t the case now that I have downloaded the game for pc . This is very upsetting and would be most respectful for someone from the team of Activision to step forward on behalf the pc community to let us all know if and when this update will come it’s been 5 months now and the least we could get in return is the update . Just because the computer people don’t game off consuls like a majority of others doesn’t mean we should be forgotten . If consol can have it so can pc so get the ***** together Activision and put out.a complete game instead of a half assed one . Out of all call of duty a released you’d think the newest one would have a feature that all the old ones do. 

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How would split screen on PC be useful?

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When .. is never will BO4 have split screens, it's a Console thing not really good for PC. Double rendering on a game that's not ideally PC Optimized...

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