Why does PC still not have the Ghost Town update in Blackout?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

The title says it all?

When do we get it?

No wonder PC players are leaving in droves!


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 I myself have very little to complain about the game itself. I think the game runs great and plays great for me, but then again i spent a *****load of money on the syatem i have. But as far as the decision making process for the way the game is laid out...yes I agree it does suck for the most part. This game was supposed to be all about the PC player, then I find out they made a deal with console companies they get content first and so on and so forth. Also I only play FFA and TDM but I do feel what the rest of the community means with the playlist changes and agree it does suck. I miss the good ole days off a server browser and rented dedicated servers having control of when and who I play with...addmin rcon was king back in the day.

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Hey there, 

You may have had an issue with the game not fully updating today, or just a delay, but it should be there. Are you still not seeing it? Also, are you looking in custom or public matches of Blackout? 


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