Will there ever be a splitscreen mode for pc?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Hello all,


As the title explains, I am still wondering if the splitscreen function will ever be implemented. In previous games it happened that we had to wait for a while, however we got confirmation that it was coming. I have read all the posts before but I am still hoping that we will get a confirmation, or at least that it will be denied. Altough I am not very confident this will happen anytime soon, since it looks that activision is implementing a no-tell marketing strategy to surprise everyone when new content is released (however small that content may be) to make it look way more important than it actually is (the reticle at the pinnacle of this strategy). This post is just to remind the community and the developers that many are still waiting for the feature to be implemented and that we would very much appreciate an answer on the question if it will ever come to BO4 PC.

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