Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I cant launch these *****ing game Having a cap 345WhateverWOlf error fix that ***** up man

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It's generally corrupted file(s), caused on your end especially if you've modified any files. You can try to run the Repair from Options / Scan and Repair followed by a reboot. Next you can try to both Clear the Cache and reinstall the (aka Blizzard) App; how to .. then reinstall the App


However, most of the time it requires a complete reinstall of all the "Call of Duty Black Ops 4" game files (about 89 GB; about 2 Hours with a 100 Mbps connection).


Tips to avoid corruption:

1. Don't Pause the Download

2. Don't Play until the game files are 100% downloaded

3. Try a different drive location, preferably an SSD

4. Never manually modify the Config files

5. Disable any Sleep or Hibernation until download is completed

6. Disable any Anti-Virus until download is completed; if you're concerned then scan file destination afterwards

7. Avoid any restarting of your PC until download is completed


Good luck!

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