Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Can someone explain the scoring system for each game, how points are given and taken and what your overall score means. For example in stockpile if I have alot of kills, but not that many captures, and only one death will it still give me a good score, does it take kdr into account? and what is scoring system for each game mode? Ty so much to whoever responds


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Stockpile is simular to KC, but there's a requirement to collect and deposit the Tags to win. The Scoring (off the top of my head): 75 points per Kill, 25 points per collected Tag, 25 points per Teammate collected Tag from your kill and 50 points per Deposited Tag that you deposited. You can old hold 10 tags before your Deposit or Death. First team to DEPOSIT 60 tags wins. In addition, if you kill someone carrying Tags you get 75 points for the kill and 25 points per their Tags that they're carrying (1-10 max).


It's a good game mode IF you play the Objective to kill, collect and deposit the Tags.

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