why the ***** does it take forever to get a match in blackout?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Currently i m living in japan and blackout is the reason i bought the game.when i start a match it says matching,expanding search and thats it.Doesnt get me a match.

they said, "Set your NAT to open" and the problem is that it was always on OPEN you dumb *****s.The servers are piece of *****.It pisses me of when I think about what a jackass i was to buy this *****ing game just to stare at the screen and *****.Never gonna buy another game labeled CALL OF DUTY,unless you give a CALL FOR MAINTENANCE and fix this *****.

Until then ***** you Infinity ward,***** you treyarch and ***** you CALL OF DUTY.

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Because you live in ****** Japan. The Asians, Russians and Germans cheat their ****** off. So here's the solution:


Get a *** that ******** doesn't block, switch the ***** but you'll have a higher ***. However, you'll have absolutely no problems finding a game. Enjoy. 


The solution will absolutely work. Enjoy.

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