Audio not working. So done with this

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I bought the game today and hit PLAY to load that sweet Black Ops 4, was looking forward to Blackout with some bros. Turns out the audio does not work. I don't have any problems with my other games, so I figured it could be some small settting. After messing around with it for 30-40 minutes with the game open playing in the audio settings, I gave up and went to go get a refund. Turns out I have "too much play time" to get a refund. WTF? I didn't even enter a single game! Just because I hit PLAY on my battlenet account that automatically denies me a refund.

So of course I appealed it. I was appalled at what I found next. You want a copy of my photo ID for account verification? Are you out of your mind? You know how easy it is to have fraud committed for issuing that? And I don't trust empty assurances that it is "deleted" right away. You can't ask me account verification questions or text my phone to see if you are really speaking to me? This policy is ATROCIOUS. Not only because of possible legal issues, but ethical issues as well. Rest assured I will be inquiring further about this particular issue alone. Even my bank doesn't ask me for a copy of my Photo ID to reset my online bank password, and that is far more dangerous that verifying my account.

I am 100% done with Activision as a company. I will never purchase another game with your company again and neither will I recommend it to my mates. I'll sick to Overwatch for that since it actually works, but I won't be buying any more crates like I normally do for the seasonal events. The LEAST you can do is refund my money.

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