Black Ops 1 PS3- Unable To Save Multiplayer Progress

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support

Hey Activision Support and related team members,


 Simple question. Why won't anybody from this organization answer the thousands of people that have asked the question, " What is going on with not being able to save multiplayer progress for BO1 PS3 ?" It has been more than a month and everywhere you turn on the internet from Twitter to Facebook to direct site pages of Developers- nobody has addressed that simple question- asked above with any type of acknowledgement. None of us can play the game that we have chosen to stick with and that's the classics- if it is your intention to drop these from allowing us to play online multiplayer- the least any of you can do is inform us with an announcement of some sort. If that is not the intention to discontinue the multiplayer for Black Ops 1 or MW3, then please take the time to inform us when will be able to have the ability to play multiplayer again properly . Thank you for your time and we all eagerly await an answer to this question.

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Hi I am having the same issues I play a few games then I quit next time hop on line I lose all the stats if I unlock a gun it is gone the next time I go online is there something I can do let me know thx 

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Have the same problem, but i can't understand
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I was in contact with Activision all day yesterday and they said that since the game is old support is apparently limited and they will no longer be fixing Black Ops 1 or Black Ops 2! They're just scamming people out of money at this point they think they're going to buy a game that they can play online with other people but it's not going to save any of their progress from here on out...
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Same problem here on my ps3 and i, gettin little tired of restarting level 1 everytime...fix issue activision

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