Can I report someone directly?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support

Can I report someone directly? It's just there was someone tier afk farming and it's annoying when trying to have a good game of heist. His name is Kilert1001 on PSN and link below is proof.


Edit: Chat support says offline even know within the time it says would be online. 

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No. Naming and shaming is prohibited on the forum. Naming and shaming here will not get your report "moved up" to the front of the line for review, and posts like this are taken down and deleted, rightfully so, and will not be sent to policy enforcement teams.


Use the in game report feature, and leave it at that. Part of the reason naming and shaming is not allowed here, believe it or not, is for the accuser's best interest. You need to let the ones in charge of enforcement do their job, and report in game.

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