Close Quarters Calling Card

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I was attempting to unlock the Close Quarters calling card (under the General tab), which says "Using a Shotgun, get 50 Kills in Multiplayer, 100 Kills in Zombies and 2 kills in Blackout.  Besides the fact that the capitalization isn't consistent, I haven't been able to make any progress on the kills in zombies, despite using both the Mog 12 (and its Pacl-A-Punched variant) to get 100 kills in a solo game, private match, and public match.

As far as I cant tell the Calling Card is bugged, unless it disallows use of the Mog 12 (which isn't noted anywhere as far as I can tell)

Both the Blackout and Multiplayer kills seem to be tallying correctly.

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried to solo and join several public matches (which is buggy in itself) and by doing so i have killed several hundren zombies with both shotguns and my progression is still 0/100 zombies killed. The multiplayer and Blackout part works fine for me, but for some reason the Zombie ones isn't tracking shotgun. I checked some of the other calling cards to see if they started tracking any zombie kills and i saw that my pistol (secondary pistol) kills got tracked, somehow.


Please fix this, it's an amazing looking calling card being locked away for no reason.

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