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How about grouping players by their K/D?  Getting tired of one or two players with a 10:1 K/D ruining our game.  Usually happens during the 2XP events.  How about letting 2:1 K/D playing together and those with a higher K/D playing together?  That way the games would not be so lopsided.


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The game first puts you on a server that gives you your best ping values, in an effort to provide you with the smoothest gameplay experience with the least amount of lag. After that, the game will populate a lobby, and divide the players as evenly as possible. Unfortunately, matchmaking, and parties can screw this up, and I am pretty sure that is what you are experiencing.


Skill based matchmaking may put you in a high ping lobby, full of lag and inconsistent gameplay experience if there arent enough players near you to populate a full lobby. 


You can avoid the party fiasco by playing in the mercenary moshpits.l

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