HELP: Black Ops 4 Keeps Crashing or Restarting my pc??!

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Hello, I need help!! this are my pc specs

I recently changed the Graphics Card from gtx 970 to the MSI RTX 2060 Ventus OC 6G

I used DDU to clean install the new drivers. Black ops crashes everytime after finishing a match. Not ever during, sometimes in the menu but never in-game and i can only play one match. FPS is good, temps reach a max of 75 C. I reinstalled the game and it keeps crashing or restarting my pc. It leaves no crash files. Ive run Fire Streak Benchmark for 4 hours, Heaven for 4 hours, Asus benchmark and stress test for 5 hours or more, Intel Stress test adn it passed. The only one that crashes is the Time Spy benchmark in the third try.


Ive also tried underclocking the gpu and i have the same result.

ive played PUBG, Shadow of War, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege all at Ultra with no problems.

Now maybe the overclock is no stable on my pc or something but the game keeps crashing after one match. Black Ops 4 never crashed with the gtx 970. I do have an old Windows 10 build idk if that has anything to do with it? but still it never crashed with the gtx 970. Should I send the Video card back? idk whats going on. 


Ive also tried putting the file on administrator mode, putting all the graphics at low, setting the cpu cores to manual and changing the cpu cores in the properties. I dont know what else to do, i was thinking about the nvidia drivers too but my friend can play normally with my GTX 970 card and the latest drivers. Still I tried downgrading the drivers to an older version (430.39) and nothing, keeps crashing and restarting my pc.


One last thing the game never ever crashes during a game or while loading the match, it is always in the menus (creating a class, searching for a match, from the match to the menu). Should i try changing the card to another slot? Im out of ideas.

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Hey, I'm sorry about that I can understand how frustrating that can be, I've had the game crash on me quite a few times. There are a few other things you can try to see if it helps: 

-Try scanning and repairing the game via's repair tool 

-Turn off any optimization programs such as Geforce Experience

-Turn off all unneccesaary background programs

-Make sure the game is running in full screen

-Check to see if you have added an exception for BO4 on your anti-virus program 

-Try uninstalling your anti-virus (if you have any others aside from Windows defender), run BO4, test it, and then reinstall the anti-virus program afterwards 


If you continue to run into the same issue after trying these steps the best suggestion would be to grab a DxDiag and head over here to official support. They will be able to gather more information and assist further as soon as possible: 

Contact Us (Live Chat):


Twitter Assistance:


Facebook Assistance:


The live chat hours with an Activision agent on the contact us page are from 11a.m. - 7p.m. Pacific Standard Time 

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Okay, thanks for your reply i will contact support. I tried everything you said and still nothing.

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