Hey is anybody else having trouble with the mystery box edition box?

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So I was really exited when I was about to put my batteries in the mystery box, and after I put them in, turned it on, then flipped it over to put on th3 lid, and when I took it off, nothing. Nothing happened, the lights didn't turn on, no sound. Nothing. So I read the paper it came with for troubleshooting, and it said to wiggle the lid around untill it triggers. So I messed with it for nearly an hour. And still nothing, I even when and replaced the batteries. Still nothing. So I don't know what to do, and if i can please get some help with my problem.
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Just got mine today & I have the same issue. I tried the same troubleshooting steps & I can get it to work after some time but seems like the magnetic sensor is not working correctly. Its like theres a short in it or something. I have to turn it of again sometimes as well.

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