I'm sick of playing with cheaters.

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I'm sick of playing with cheaters and I dont think that Activision and treyarch really give a ***** about the players because they keep allowing these things to happen.

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They do care. And, they do ban them. The problem is that they ultimately make another account, and these are the guys you see level 20 running around sniping 30-2 in a TDM. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would use a mod that allows them to attain progress and achievements that eventually evaporate at the cost of 60 dollars. 


On the other hand, what makes you think they are cheating? Anytime i have doubts about a players performance, i bookmark the film and review it later. Almost 10/10 times the player just was that good. They’ll score two kills, camp, score to or three more in a span of 3 minutes, camp again, and eventually pull a Attack Helo and Gunship. Then everyone starts claiming they are cheating. Its just more tactical playing then running around trying to capture the objective and dying while doing it. Also, keep in mind that all scorestreak kills build up to that same scorestreak again. So, it just maybe that right after the “So called cheating” player finishes his murder massacre with the Attack Helo and Gunship, he’s ready to pull it out again. Review the film and you’ll see.

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