I own the black ops pass but I have the yellow triangle%3F

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Please help

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Same issue here Activision what the heck is going on 

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Same here . I am pissed, I have spent over 140$ on this game the battle pass and random micro transactions. They need to fix this now

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Same here!!



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Go to store and download it

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Everything is downloaded but still have the Demon Triangle ....... any further suggestions?

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Same here! Let me know if anyone finds the fix. I as well have the season pass and still have the yellow triangle next to my name. When I go to the store the dlc pack has a lock on it. 

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Hey everyone, 

Are you all on Xbox One? If so, that is just a visual error. Those maps are coming out next week (the Multiplayer maps) and the message seems to be referring them to even though it has not released yet for that platform. If you are on PS4 though please let me know so I can investigate. Thanks. 



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Me too. This is annoying. 

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