Lost connection to Host - IPv6 settings or something?

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I am still having a lot of troubles joining games (Blackout and Multiplayer). In almost 1 out of 2 times it will go to the loading screen, I will hear a few of the menu sounds clicking and then the loading bar will stop at a particular point. After further 2-3 minutes I am sent back to the main menu and the error "lost connection to host" will pop up.

The funny thing is, I can see from the behaviour of the loading bar, wether the connect will be successfull or not.

If the loading is successfull, the game runs smooth and mostly I have a good ping (between 15 and 70/80).

In the menu it says that my NAT is open.

I am playing on PC and am using the Connect Box of the German ISP Unity Media. In the settings I do not even have IPv4 settings.


Does anybody have an idea for a solution? Is any one experiencing similar problems?

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