Perm unlocks gone. T-minus 24 hours til I delete the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support


Widespread bug that punishes you for playing, again? last time I couldn’t level for a week now this. Super glad I didn’t buy any DLC for the glitchiest COD in history. Can’t say the same about grinding out black market tiers, and who knows if I’ll even get the guns if I complete them? I’ve had the sword fish for months now poof after prestiging. No wonder there won’t be real league play, you guys can’t even make prestige’s work. Much less a leaderboard. Amazing double XP btw, super fast prestiges and then lose things you’ve had since week one lol. Every update makes the game worse, first zero making super hard to get score streaks bunk, now this, next I’ll probably get stuck on level 42 for a week like before. Activision is so #%^*$? it’s not even funny lol. There are support tickets on here from months ago, so I won’t be expecting a fix and honestly I won’t know even if it is fixed, playing apex. My free time is limited having a full time job and all, not gonna waste it trying to advance in a game that sets you back constantly. You guys spend all your time on horrific blackout while multiplayer suffers. I miss the good ole days when I’d fork over $110 on launch day, and be glad I did for a solid year. Now I’m ashamed I gave you $60.

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