Zombies Crash + Zombie Progress Reset + Graphical settings reset every launch

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I was playing zombies last night with 3 of my friends and the game froze for all of us at the same time at level 15 when I put my Titan in the pack a punch. My KN57 was already Pack-A-Punched. No error code the game just looked like it paused for all of us so we quit. Now when I came back on today all my zombie progress is gone. Can't customize any weapons (all level 1) or pick any of the starting weapons. 

Also everytime I start the game the graphical settings are back to default. This did not happen in the beta.


Playing on PC.
4770k + r9 390 (8.10.1) + W10 (Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134)

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