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black ops pass was said to have more content more often but we have had less why and how do i get a refund because of misleading fraudulent claims by activision and treyarch i have contacted UK traiding standerds already and they are opening a case

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What have you been promised, specifically, that you have not gotten? I am not defending the pass, but let's face it, you bought it without knowing what to expect. 

As far as a refund is concerned, you need to take that up with the point of purchase, but being unhappy with a product is not usually grounds for a refund. At this point, it is up to whoever sold you the pass as to whether or not they will issue any type of credit or a partial refund. There's not a lot of things in the world you can buy and use until you are bored with it, and then expect to get fully recompensated when it no longer interests you.

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