Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

People play console games on the notion that, for the most part, everyone plays with the same hardware on a level playing field.  BO4 is now infected with XIM and mouse/keyboard clowns who enjoy a massive advantage over controller players.  This makes multiplayer completely unenjoyable.  The worst part of it is that neither Treyarch nor Microsoft seem to have published any policy clarifying their position regarding the use of these massively advantageous pieces of hardware.  XIM and mouse/keyboard have basically destroyed this game entirely.  Let's face it; it's cheating whether Treyarch/Microsoft or any twitchy kids want to admit it.  In the future, Treyarch should consider only releasing its games for PC.  I for one am requesting a full refund over this issue.

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I agree that M/K on console via the XIM or other devices is becoming a bigger problem than it used to be. Microsoft, Sony, and game developers need to figure out how to combat the problem. That being said, I don't think the problem has reached epidemic proportions just yet. 98% of the players you run into on console are playing with a controller, and out of the 2% that are using a XIM, only a handful of those people are actually good with a M/K. I watched a video on YouTube of some punk kid using a XIM on BlackOps (PS4) and he was terrible. He was getting owned. But again, I agree that these devices need to be snuffed out of console gaming, and if you're reading this and you're one of those people, you're a loser. 

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Agree, legit garbage if you ask me. Keep those trash using mouse and keyboard clowns out of here. 

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Well, you're wrong there. What's more, you have absolutely no idea whether 98% run with just a controller; you've made that up completely given that there are no actual hard stats published anywhere. The problem is endemic to BLOP4 on XBOX ONE. In games I play, there are on average let's say about 10 people. Of those 10, in each and every game there is at least one XIM cheater. If those games are representative of BLOP4 multiplayer as a whole, that means at least 10% of the players are filthy XIM cheaters, which is a huge number of people. In reality, the percentage is probably higher given that my one per game is a conservative estimate and there can be more max players in some modes. So basically, 1) you don't know what you're talking about and made stuff up, 2) XIM is a MASSIVE problem, and 3) Treyarch/Microsoft need to affirmatively acknowledge that XIM and M&K are cheating.

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Firstly, I'm impartial on this whole topic as it has never even entered my mind that a sudden drop in my KD was due to another player using a xim.

For the most part, I figure, sometimes you just have a bad game.


However, my reply was prompted by your calling out of another forum member stating that they 'Have absolutely no idea that 98% run with just a controller' and accused them of not knowing what they're talking about and making stats up that are not 'published' 'hard stats' .


Then YOU go on to claim that out of 10 games that there is at least 1 player using a xim in each of those games. 


How do you posiibly know that for certain? 

Was this a 'published, hard stat'  

Or, is this just a guess?


Surely you just made this number up to get your point accross, did you not?


Sounds a lot like a kettle calling a pot black! 


If your angry at the game and not having a good time, just stop for a while or completely, really, it's up to you.


But no need to call others out just because their experience is not the same as yours, it just makes you look childish.


After all it really is just a game Smiley Happy 

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Do you know how to read? Where did I claim that, "...out of 10 games that there is at least 1 player using a xim in each of those games"??? First, I said in games I PLAY (see; games I PLAY) there is at least one XIM cheater (although often times more). This isn't made up and detecting M&K cheaters by watching cams and monitoring stats is really not hard unless you're really completely oblivious. I then went on to say, "If those games are representative of BLOP4 multiplayer as a whole...", then the number is much larger than 2%. Did you catch the "If - then" construction? Maybe you failed to learn conditional phrases and material implication in school? I'm "calling him out" because he has no basis whatsoever for his claim and sought to downplay the extent of the problem, which is suspicious in and of itself. At least my argument was logically consistent. The "just a game" routine is old, worn out, and can be ignored completely as can your unsolicited advice. In fact, it's a COMPETITIVE game that people use for relaxation. Cheating in such a game affects all of the many millions of people who purchased the game with the expectation of fair play, fun competition, and relaxation as marketed. What's more, it's also a BIG BUSINESS that generates enormous wealth from its customers, which BIG BUSINESS should therefore be responsive to our demands in maintaining the integrity of the product sold and platform upon which it relies. By the way, "your" is a second person possessive adjective whilst "you're" is the contraction of "you are".
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Clearly you're a bit angry. 


I was simply pointing out that you were also throwing around numbers to prove a point. 


You held the other person on here to account because you think their claims of 98% was a literal fact and not just them using figures making a point of THEIR experience.


It was representation of a 'personal' experience just as you state in your own post.


Surely you can see the double standard there?


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sounds like your BS is made up too. how can you claim he doesn't have stats to back up his statement but we are to believe you do. nobody knows but them. i watch my 12 yr old killing it when he plays on our xbox and i just gotta believe that some of us are really really good and some of us aren't, but i do see a lot of crazy stuff that makes me believe some how,some way ,some players have a cheating advantage

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Oh stfu and stop crying. If you can't beat em join em. Are you gonna cry about a Scuf or Elite controller too? They're advantageous as well. What about Kontrol Freeks? They won't stop whatever is going to elevate someone's game except true cheating things like hacks and controller mods. Xim is available to everyone and allows anyone to use their controller, m&k, or joystick on any console. If you ask me it's genius. 

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Companies should clean up their online services, to get rid of all these mediocre people who use illegal devices.

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