Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Lets start off by stating that i bought this game with high anticipation. Even though i bought the hard copy at gamestop and only got a code for a stupid skin for a handgun (pre ordered) while my buddy who bought it digitally after the fact recieved 1500 cp . Anyway i been playing this game since day one. Im getting to the point of putting it down for good. Seriously you guys are really *****ing up. I cant play two games without this ***** crashing. After turning the *****ing machine off and restarting everything while also not getting credit for my last match. My friends and i are all on our last straw. And dont come back with maybe its your internet. 150 mpbs should be more the sufficient. Honestly ***** you guys at treyarch or wherever the ***** this game was created. THIS IS WHY FORTNITE IS KILLING YOU GUYS THIS IS WHY APEX CAN COME OUT AND WIPE YOU GUYS OFF THE MAP . Money hungry jews who cant see the big picture . ***** YOU VERY MUCH . IM DONE WITH THIS *****ING GAME. RED DEAD HERE I COME BABY . SUCK A ***** TREYARCH / ACTIVISION 

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Talking about Apex and Fortnite here does nothing, and nobody here really cares to talk about them here. 


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Fortnite LOL

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