Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Yes, solos and duos is managable but squads lags so bad. Please fix this activision. When it comes down to aiming and getting the win we dont need server lag to ruin the blackout game mode! 

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It is unplayable on quads. I was able to pull down 11 wins over the weekend but most of the games that we did not win/did not have a chance to win, were due to the massive frame drops. It’s spiking at 400ms of ping but I have 150+ mb internet with a hard wire connection so it’s not on my end, plus literally everyone I play with is having the same issue. The only thing I’ve thought of is that during the beta the only difference was that blackout was the only game mode playing at the time so maybe it’s server lag on their end because the multiplayer is grabbing to much of server speeds and connection. I said it from the beginning that multiplayer and blackout need their own servers.... and I don’t think they did that. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!! The game is amazing when it runs smooth 

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Activision says they are looking into this but it is not a consistant issue and the complaint is coming mostly from XB1 users.  If not all quads are getting it then it must be something that changes from quad to quad.  The only things I can think of that change from quad to quad would be game vs party chat or everyone having the same Nat type?  Some friends and I are going to try different things to see if anything helps.  If anyone else has a chance try and post up the results. 



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Confirm the same issue for me on XB1. Unplayable. Cannot play quads at all and duos is getting stuttery as well. First night I played quads fine. I'm guessing its some type of capacity issue they are having as so many people are playing now.

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Where have you seen they are looking into this and said it's not consistant issue? Can you share a link? It's noticable from solo, to duo, to quads. Solo is never laggy at all. Duo is here and there and quads is there like 50-60% of the rounds. It's not really "lag" though. My ping stays constant like a 50-100m/s the whole time, but I still get this odd "lag/frame rate drop" or whatever. Not sure what to call it, but it can get terrible at times and it'll last almost the entire match. It leads me to think it's got to be a server issue, because by the end of the match, it's generally better than the start.

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+1 Quads are actually a joke, even duos can get bad in hot drops. Please dont let this take long fix!


Forgot to mention playing on Xbox One X. People joining/leaving parties actually causes a screen freeze nearly 100% of the time.

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Its unppayable. They need to fix the lag in blackout before anything else.

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Dude it's laggy to all hell. Seem like no one else I encounter in the game seems to have the issue. I have over 100mbps down and at least 20 up. Duos was fine but now it's 100 and it lags all the time. One second I'm running straight the next I've done an 180.its effing ridiculous. Paid 100$ for this ***** and can't play half the game. Zombies crashes half time it's bull***** 

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Absolutely ridiculous! IDGAF if ppl are on OG One or a X, there is no reason to have such poor quality in Duos and Quads.. Seems like all my friends are able to play and dont experience much lag at all, but I'm the one with the best connection speeds SMH.. Thats what happens I guess when COD jumps on the bandwagon to chase a dollar and drops a BR mode that isn't exciting as PUBG but yet has characters that remind me of Fortnite.. SMH.. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy Blackout, but I could probably enjoy it 100 times more if I could play with friends since it's more a FUN game, not really serious or exciting.. I think winning a game of TDM is about the same intensity level as blackout.

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I am having MAJOR issues with blackout duos and quads, i have 150mbs internet connection and im still recieveing these problems. mulitplayer and zombies are find but its currently making blackout unplayable right now.  

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