Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Same issue for me. Severe freezing, rubberbanding and game crashes while playing Quads. Started happening after recent update on 21st.

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I can barely play Quads as well. Is it true they don't see a need to fix this? I'm on a Xbox One S and it's unplayable. Multiplayer runs great though. 

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+1 for laggggggyyyyy games.


I changed my xbox refresh rate to 120hz and it helped a ton, but sadly no longer get to play in 4k because of it. It's worth it though to not feel like I'm playing PUBG. 


The servers in general are still having some major issues though, mostly in quads, but even in duos and solo sometimes there's some gnarly lag spikes. I would hope we could get some stable servers.

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Yes I have the same issue I'm not Allowed to play quads or duos but I am allowed to play hard ore quads n solo

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