Bring back down but not out!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Absolutely stupid taking down but not out away! It was fast paced, and didn't have to wait for aaages to restart a game once you die. I'm not a great player so this mode gave me confidence and less fear to actually go out and kill people knowing there's a chance I'll come back with the team, it was good practice too to go shooting. Please bring it back!!!! 

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That is exactly what I said!  I’m not the best player but I actually got numerous kills in this mode.  Just knowing you have a chance to keep playing boosts your confidence and it got me so amped!  We played only this mode and the final circles were always insane!  

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Once again Treyarch shows their ineptitude, just let the game be for ***** sake...

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Yea I loved Down but not Out. Bring it Back!

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Thank you very much appreciated

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BRING BACK DOWN AND OUT !!! I hated blackout until that. Now all my friends don’t play Cod anymore 

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Are all of these comments bots, DBNO is fun but not worthy of a perm feature, you can literally kill the same dude 5 times and wins dont even count, 

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Bring it back! Down but not out was a great game mode, and I enjoyed it way more than the original Blackout. Sure, OG Blackout purists scoff at DBNO, but I actually think there's more strategy/skill involved in DBNO. You need to be smarter about where you loot becuase you know vultures will be dropping back into the map. You need to keep an eye out for where people land when they re-deploy. You also need to be smarter with your ammo. It's just more fun overall, IMO. More kills, more action, and in my experience, the best players still end up in the final circle. 

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I Agree. I don’t understand why they made it only temporary. Obviously it was majority liked across the board for call of duty BO4 players. Blackout does not seem fun to play to me today after playing the awesome down but not out mode!! 

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Definitely make it a permanent mode on BO. I like it better than the regular BO mode.

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