Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

At different times I will get connection interrupted,  this can be at start of game ,and of a game, middle of game ,etc. Some days it happens rarely , other days I can't get 2 games in and I get so frustrated I turn it off . It only happens when I play this game, call of duty black ops 4 . It does not happen on playing duo zombies. I know of a lot of others having same issues so it's not our internet connection , is there anything being done to address this issue? Thank you .

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Yea connection on this game is good or bad its a roll of the dice a lot of times.

If your using wifi i suggest switching it to 5ghz and turning of 2.4. I did that and noticed improvement. But wired is the way to go.

All i got to say is got to love p2p connections that connect you to the other side of the world lol

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