Constantly disconnecting from black ops 4 servers Xbox one

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

This game is literally unplayable. In the past hour I played a total of 8 games, yet I somehow managed to get lucky enough to not finish a single one of them because I kept getting disconnected from the servers every time. None of my progress saved and all I got out of it was frustration. And please note this doesn’t happen with any other game for me; fix your broken game. 

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This has also been happening to about 10 of us playing. It’s become severely frustrating. If it’s not fixed we’ll have to find something else to plAy as much as we love this game. I hope they fix it sooner than later....🤷🏽‍♀️

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I have been lucky if I have played 10 games in the last three weeks. I keep getting disconnected every time. I love the game but man they need to fix this problem. It’s crazy that all the tech people they have and they have not done anything to fix this problem.

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Did you guys ever find a solution?

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@Whogivesafuz wrote:

Did you guys ever find a solution?

I keep getting disconnected from server. Man I'm mad as hell..I can play a good game..u guys really need to fix the servers ..even on cod3 it's happening too not only cod's madness..I'm playing on a ps4..did anyone get it fix?

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  1. Yea I threw my POS Xbox in the lake. Problem solved. Never had a problem until February 19'. Game is trash now.
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Man i *****in hate this game now because of this problem it is really annoying and it maid me returm to playing fortnite aftera 6 month break..... I really need a solution for this problem otherwise i am not going to be buying the coming game

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I have been also disconnected several times. It is frustrating. I can't get one single game finished.

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The same thing for me I can't play a single full game by myself I drop every single game it's infuriating the only way for me is to join a friend's game. I can play any other cod just perfectly fine this glitchy game drives me crazy I'm about to ask for a refund I'm on my last nerve. 

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I’m with all of you. I’ve been playing nonstop and ever since this update I disconnect from almost every single game I might finish one out of 5 if lucky. I’m about to just switch games and go to red dead or fallout as soon as it comes out since they’re taking this long to actually fix their game they make so much money off.

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