Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

I am constantly disconnecting from the server. I know its not my ISP because I literally run a diagnostic test after and Its completely fine. 

5 times in the last 2hrs


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It’s been doing same thing to me all day. Even while doing skirmishes for the spec ops


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I have the same problem even in zombies. It's in all modes I get kicked off



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Same thing for me, unable to play anything.


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The game is unplayable. I got disconnected 8 times yesterday in 9 games and I joined the one game late. Please not that I have other games to play and I paid my money to play this one and I have got nothing but scammed for 60$. Fix your broken game. 

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Same here, keep getting game session no longer available.

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you guys tried going in to your router settings on pc while having your xbox connected to route, find out how to make your xbox "DMZ" best and easies way to have the best poss connection and nat type
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Putting anything on DMZ is the most dangerous and most horrible thing to do. You are putting every piece of device that connects to your internet and everyone's info in those devices at risk of being hacked, and this has a probability of happening at a 90% and I am being nice. If I were you ill invest in a good router. Learn how to use pingplotter so that you can make sure your connection is fine. All you need for a good connection is. 


1. Use a wired connection (ethernet cable from modem to console)

2. Make sure your router handles UPNP well (opening ports is somewhat a risk also)

3. Make sure your router handles bufferbloat very well. You can check it out on DSLreports.c the result is an A and A+ **This one is very important**

4. Make sure you are not downloading anything on the console or have any apps open.

5. Make sure you have a low input lag 

20-10ms is great 

10-1ms is best 

6. It is COD and they are known to have server problems due to too many players just like any other popular game. But the main thug affects this franchise is the lag compensation coding. Example WW2 had a good connection one day and as soon as they did a hotfix in game (where you don't have to download an update) lag compensation went down the toilet until the next hotfix or update. 


If you need a router there is the nighthawk xr500 it is made by netgear and netduma and it has DumaOS with QOS and geo filter, and it is worth the price. They say it is made for gamers and honestly out all the 12 routers I've bought this one is the best one.

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Stop scaremoungering about putting the xbox into the dmz of your router and the bs about port forwarding.the chances of getting hacked through the dmz of your router is very very slim,please show us the facts of this happening at 90% of people getting hacked through the dmz.

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The game lags so bad.  And, I cannot even get on now.  It is telling me I have been disconnected from the black ops 4 server.  Buy some more rack space and spin up some more servers or refund or money and close your business.  We are your business, fix the issues or youll have less business on your next release.

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