How to deal with toxic players?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

So I’ve been playing BO4 since it’s release and I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s the first time I’ve played a COD game in a few years, and I’ve definitely enjoyed how it’s been. While I know that the COD player base can be toxic, I normally just mute players and play on. And since I play usually with my roommate, I don’t care about players being assholes. But recently I’ve gotten some pretty rude stuff in my inbox after matches telling me how terrible I am etc. You get the picture. I’m not very good at taking the toxic messages and it kind of puts my spirits down for awhile. Enough that I’ve actually been playing much less than I had been. Just wondering how anybody else deals with toxic players? Like sometimes I’m working on camos or using a gun I don’t like, hell sometimes I just suck in general. But the toxicity has seem to be really bad lately. Anyways, I was just wondering how anybody else might deal with the occasional toxic teammate?

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If you suck, then just suck man,!

 I’m a terrible player however I paid for the game so it’s nobody’s business whether I’m the best or the worst, I play because it’s fun and if they don’t like it they can go play Galaga or super Mario.

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  Best thing to do is simpli ignore them. While P. T. Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute", I've added the robycop3 corollary: "There's an idiot born every second". You purchased your copy of the game, so play it any way you jolly  well please. Anyone not liking it can go play "Tank Commander" on their Atari 2600.

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Report them send a copy of the message and they will get a warning at first then an account ban .I got banned for an old name youcampingbstard so they will ban them.

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Yea i played a match guy was saying we all suck. Now the funny thing is he was on the bottom of the board. Now if im not on the bottom and above someone something is wrong lol. 

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Yeah I had a negative K/D but was still at the very top of the leaderboard. We were just against a much better team and by the end there was an attack chopper and snipers nest so I decided to just sacrifice my K/D by going after the two score streaks single handedly. It was dumb, but I wanted the team to have a little bit of wiggle room. Plus the guy who messaged me was already a prestige master and I was like “calm down I get it, you’re better than me, what’s the point of this message.” Still kinda feels sucky though getting a message like that, and sucks kinda further that I don’t have very thick skin lol

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Hey man, I know it can be *****ty, but like these guys say, just carry on, I'm doing the best I've ever done on a cod game, quickets I've made it to master prestige, but all I play is hctdm. If you don't do well in other game modes, try that, and just take it slowly. You don't have to be good at the game to enjoy it. And I don't have to be doing bad by any means to get pissed off when I get killed three times back to back in my spawn. Lol. I've basically given up on camos, all I have are shotgun headshots(I hate them), sniper rifles and pistols. I just started playing with what I do good with, and if it doesn't work, switch weapons. You'll be fine bud. 👍

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Tip: quick way to get rid of those streaks 

Titan fmj 1 & 2 

extended mag nvir 

drops most streaks in seconds. You’ll get a kick outta seeing a strike team fall from the sky.


good luck and have yourself a good one.

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Lol yeah there is one of those about every 10-15 games orso. They are the self proclaimed cod gods and everybody is playing like crap except for them. I just ignore all of them. I always have more of a problem with the stat sluts whose w/l ratio is holy and therefore start teamkilling on hardcore in order to get away without consequences. Because well t/k just kicks you from the game and that is it. They should hand out a double loss when you get kicked for t/k and make you glow bright colours in the next hardcore match you enter. Idiots like that have cost me challenges on numerous occasions....

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Toxic Players, if I'm wearing a headset get told they are being a game bully and then I block them. If it's really bad I report them too.


They are everywhere but I suck some days because of Servers, I'm tired, or I'm trying to get a Camo. Best advice has been given below but it's worth repeating "Nole Carberundrum" = "Don't let the Ba&%#@ds grind you down.".


Rise above the chaff and try to not let the dregs trap you in their miasma!


Game on!

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