How to deal with toxic players?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

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So I’ve been playing BO4 since it’s release and I’ve really been enjoying it. 

There that is all that matters. 

Xbox reacts pretty fast to reports if the tos is broken.



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Pal try to not let it get to you I am terrible at this game I was terrible at WWII but I still have fun, I am not a hardcore player I play to de-stress at the end of the day and I play maybe 5 or 6 ours a week maximum. I have a .75 KDR which is the same as WWII so I know I aint getting better anytime soon. Just report the D***heads and move on. When I think about it I couldn't tell you the gamer tag of anybody I have ever played COD with as I am not interested who they are or how good they are , I am only interested in having fun in the moment. If somebody is that bothered how bad every body else is playing and is willing to berate somebody over it in my eyes they are taking the GAME and THEMSELVES way to seriously. I know some people are competitive about these things and I am as competitive as the next guy when comes to certain things but if you go into a public lobby with x amount of randoms, you can't expect everybody to be God like. There is loads of advice on these forums and good people too you just have to filter the bad out. Just have fun bud.
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Just set you message box for friends only, that way you only get friend requests or messages from friends . i use to get the same *****e from Dickheads ,but i could be very toxic with my replies, and 3 times i guessed they did`nt like what i said and ended up getting banned 3 times, , no big deal i suppose but putting a block on these morons is probably your best bet.
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Are you really that fragile and sensitive that you're hurt over things people say to you online???  Restrict yourself to friends only messages or just man up and ignore it.  You should also consider couselling for your delicate emotional state.

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My wife gets hatemail

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The site is so dumb. But, she gets hatemail every once in a while. So, I either reply to them from my account and tear their ass apart, or ignore it. The once I send the message, they leave her alone. But we don't play together often anymore, split screen is really small and glitchy rn.
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