Invite to Party Disabled or Not Working in Beta anymore?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

This was kind of working, now nobody is able to invite or join games in friends. Does someone know when it will be fixed?

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They have disabled the Party Invites due to an unforseen issue with server stability. They're currently working on it and hopefully they'll have it back up and running soon. I would say as early as possibly tomorrow. So Keep our fingers cross.


Per Treyarchs Tweet:

Xbox One Players: Due to some stability concerns that we discovered, we’ve temporarily turned off invites in the BlackoutBeta. You can still join on your Friends and we’re currently working on a fix for the underlying issue so we can turn invites back. Stay tuned . . ."

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Wow still not fixed, won't by buying any more games from this Micky Mouse outfit 


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