Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


Custom matches:


- Veteran bots are too easy.

- Can't play heist,safeguard etc. With bots.

- Can't make default classes in custom games like in previous cod games. In previous games you could make a default class and turn custom classes off and all bots would use that spesific class.


Online multiplayer:


- Stats can get completely wiped (level drops to 0,all guns lost,prestiges lost,camos lost,calling cards,emblems etc.)

- Time between matches is too short.

- Customizing classes between matches lags a lot.

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Some more issues:
- Splitscreen is laggy and aspect ratio is 4:3 or something and it's horrible. Who thought this was a good idea.
- Splitscreen is also very blurry so you can't even see what perks you have or anything like that.
- Would be nice to play blackout against bots.
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And More:

Specialists can't use forst level ability even though it should be available, then have to play through until Specialist Second Level Ability available and use that.

Specialist selected at the beginning of the Match doesn't hold past one death .... no specialist so have to Die selecting the same one?

Lets not even bother to mention LAG and the perfect Aim of others ...

The struggle continues ....

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Good idea about Blackout against Bots. I would probably play it if they added a bot mode in Blackout. Would make a nice change from playing against human players.

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