Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

For the love of God, please fix Juno. He more and more just sits there. Like a spot on the map he won't move. It's happening more and more. Today it happened in 5 separate maps. 

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yes they wrecked my dog because of all the nerf whiners. made the best of it by using other characters more, couldn't handle seeing that dog just stand there with his head down anymore

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I just cycle the commands  until I hear "Go out" or "Track" and the dog will take off then.

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Same here.  When I hit LB+RB 1 or 2 more times he will take off.


On a separate note, Prophet's seeker mine gets stuck at times and sometimes it goes to places on the map that no one is even near.  You run around like a chicken without a head.  Sorry if I offended any chickens.

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