Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox One

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Can we please get support? I see all these posts about ps4 playing with keyboard and mouse but I’m over here stuck using controller just so I can play with my friends. I would play the game so much more and it would especially be helpful since Xbox released firmware so we can get keyboard and mouse compatibility.

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Just go play on pc if you are that desperate for a mouse and keyboard. I doubt they will ever add mouse and keyboard support to this game. And if they do you will never ever be up against players with controllers. I have a console so I can game comfortably on my couch. There is no place for a mouse and keyboard on my couch.

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There are already so many moukers on xbox already...just go buy an emulator. Might as well join the crowd.  Not like they will do anything about it.  You won't get as much gratification by cheating unless your dumb enough to think it isn't cheating.

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Freedom to choose an input device is cheating now? Wow the peasantry is great with this one😂

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Actually you are only allowed to use the official keyboard and mouse that is specifically designed and sold for use with the Xbox One system the same also applies to PS4 consoles. If you have to use an external input device (such as a Cronusmax Pro or any other usb adapter) you are considered cheating by the community and it could result in a console ban. Example: Any device that allows you to use a full keyboard that will allow you to use sticky keys and an actual gaming mouse is considered cheating. I have seen players get suspended for using them especially on Bo4 because the game itself does not support it.

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There's so much wrong with this post. Stop spreading false information.

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It is cheating. I would love to have mouse and keyboard on xbox for BO4. That would be great.

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Right considering pc is free to use our xbox controller (choose there input) but we cant do the same lol

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You are high off your own farts if you think using m/kb against controller users isn't cheat af

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Your dumb to think it is cheating, how could it be cheating???


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