Major issues lately with aim assist!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

I have been having major issues with my aim actually moving away from my opponents the past week.  It's so bad that I actually purchased a new controller thinking that was the problem.  


One example, if I'm aiming at a corner and someone slowly starts to peak out my aim will be forced slightly to the right or left and not allowing me to correct it at that precise moment allowing them enough time to kill me as to where where I would have killed them the very second I saw them.  ( i play mostly hardcore where every millisecond counts and minor changes to anything aim related  are so obvious).  Its even more so evident with snipers with either aim assist or getting direct hits only to be killed by that guy you thought you just killed 2 seconds after he should have been killed.


I fear this is either a hack or an attempt to even out the playing field.  Maybe a lag compensation thing?

Whatever it is, it's pretty much ruined the game for me. 

For some reason I play the same players constantly and when you have guys who are notoriously terrible start killing me and other better players consistently over the past week it makes me wonder.

All in all I used to love how this game was so smooth and fair in terms of lag, choppiness and accurate hit detection.  If I got killed I knew I lost the gunfight, if I killed the other guy  knew I won.  Now I'm winning gunfights from my POV but dying constistently.and the over all quality of game play has just gone down the tubes.  And I didn't even mention a host of other major issues like severely mismatched lobbies, which I thought was corrected for a while but is back.  Wondering if it's all tied to giving everyone an enjoyable experience.  If so I'm done with this garbage.


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I play on PS4 

Normally average player

But this weekend I have really been struggling to kill people

Even stood behind people shooting them in the back and they turn round and kill me

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What snipers with aim assist? There are none
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