Maps and areas missing in Custom games

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

I noted that after installing the new Map Pack last night - if you go into Multiplayer and Custom Game - under the DLC maps, Casino is not there - only Lockout.  Anyone else confirm this is the case as well??


Secondly - if I go into Blackout and custom games - Ghosttown is not available in the Custom Game map - all other map updates are there just not Ghosttown - I did play regular Blackout and confirmed Ghosttown is in the regular play maps - just not in a Custom Game - Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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I noticed the same on PC yesterday; hope they get it fixed ASAP!

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Same issue on X1. Apparently, it is a known issue and they are working to fix it.
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Thanks for verifing for me guys!


I didn't want to scream without validating first.  One thing my clan likes to do is open a custom game and walk the maps as a team to build strategies and understand the map flows etc.  Clearly this creates an issue but we'll suffice with playing the moshpit and learn the maps that way

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Hey there, 

Like @BulletMagnetTom mentioned that is a known issue being looked into already. No ETA on when that will be fixed just yet, but hang tight and keep an eye out for updates from Treyarch. 



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