Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

The Worst Call of Duty of All Time. Due to mandatory microtransactions. No Real supply drops. No challenges daily or weekly to get weapons , customizatons. Keys for bundles, Credits to build weapons or upgrade scorestreaks. Basically Everything that CodWW2,  Advanced & Infinite Warfare was removed. BO4 is boring no reason or challenges to keep it exciting daily like the others. Seriously i think Ghosts is better than this. 

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Well, there is no mandatory microtransaction. You can still grind out the dlc guns. Everything else seems pretty legit for me. Why would you want "real" supply drops? That's advocating for BO3 and WW2 supply drops. I I think IW too but I don't remember. At least in BO4 you are dupe protected for every 3 dupes, this was never here before. Although I see what you mean by the credits from WW2, I still think this is a fair way for Activision to make money and for us to still be able to grind things out purely. Although dupes are annoying. You guys have to understand, the economy is growing and things are getting more expensive yet video games are still selling for $60. Back than, $60 was a lot and I NEVER heard of people complain of the season pass. But now we do. Now we ***** and moan about paying too much but honestly, adjusted for inflation it's basically the same price. $60 for a game is cheap now. Think about it, the minimum wage for the State of California in 2008 was $7.50 an hour. But in 2019, it is raised to $11 an hour. So one day of a full shift (8 hours) pays for COD: World at War at that time while it's only 5 and 1/2 hours in 2019. And this isn't considering city minimum wages with San Jose at $15 an hour. It is economically cheaper in 2019. So please, they need to profit in order to continue making money.
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