Objects missing from maps compared to friends...

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


Something odd note today when playing with friends - wondering what you all see.  Is it a bug or some setting in either the Xbox - or due to type of monitor etc 


first noticed on the new Hurricane map - on my 4K + Xbox One X  - I see orange buoys in the ocean along the beach - my friend who plays on an Xbox One X but a 1080p TV does not see the Buoys - why is that???


examples below - mine on top / his below - note the Buoys.  At the end of the match he had Best Play - on my screen looking through his scope I see the Buoys on his screen for the same Best Play playback he has no Buoys




781E4512-F14C-4F27-8006-F4149B3809AA.jpegWhat I see -


78DA68DE-DE57-44DA-A8B1-945A29FC4D2E.jpegWhat he sees - same game - same time


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