Our game still keeps Freezing on Xbox One

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


It's January 7th and this is getting outragious. Our Black Ops 4 game in Multiplayer HC TDM will start to load into a round and then just FREEZE either right as the countdown for game start gets close to the start, or just as you should be able to start moving your character at the start of the game and this has now gone on for almost two weeks with no end in sight. One out of every ten games crashes. Sometimes you can have two back to back, sometimes might play 10 games between it happening, on average it happends about every 8th game seems like. You have to press the Xbox home button and select the Close Program option. Doesn't matter if you restart your xbox or what, have tried hard restarts, nothing seems to be fixing it and haven't been any game updates that we can tell yet it just keeps happening. Just played 15 rounds and had 3 freezes requiring restarts during that time.


Are they working on it?  Will a fix be coming soon?



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My game is still doing this to this day. Every other game is fine. Just when I try to play MP on cod ***** is dumb

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