Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Yeah samething happened to me it only shows that i have the classified zombs map but thats what doesnt make sense if i have that, shouldnt the black ops pass be downloaded as well??????

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Yes I am having the same issue, I bought the $100 digital version and now it still asks me to buy it in game, and it says I own the black ops pass in the microsoft store... 

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same i am have the same problem too if find a why to fix it tell me


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Same issue here with Digital Deluxe... no 8500 points either
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you got it, log into and older call of duty you should see them. theres nothing to use them on yet for bo4. i think they said its going to be a week to 2 weeks before they start doing the supply drops like in bo3

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same issue, when I originally opened the game it showed me the option to select my special outfit or whatever but all times I have started the game it treats my deluxe edition like a standard edition

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I brought the $200 mystery box edition and my black ops pass also does not work as Well as any dlc i got. 

grove street
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My season pass is doing the same thing, I got the zombie map but still cannot use shadow man. please help!

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Same issue. Blackout character not working, Also where are my 8500 cod points? 

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Same problem here. I got to unlock 1 day of the dead skin, and I found one smg variant/skin. Blackout character is not working, and the adds for the digital deluxe/enhanced versions says you're getting 4 characters, so where are the remaining 3 characters? And is this really it? This was all we got for pre-ordering and buying the most expensive edition there was? I am SO dissapointed.

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